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My Story


I learned to live with my anxiety, I learned what made me feel safe and what made me feel on edge. I managed myself through all my shackles. To the onlooker, I came with an instruction manual, if I didn't follow it, a panic attack would follow. I was bound and limited by the rules my mind had created without my authority. A mind that told me where I could go, what I could to do and what I couldn't do. A mind that would, without notice, send signals to my body that would send a cascade of chemicals to my body. Cortisol and Adrenalin would pump vigourously around me. My mind and body would scream together, "This isn't safe!". From nowhere, I would enter that tunnel of fear, hurtling towards impending doom. The sounds of my friends voices, soothing and concerned, did nothing to allay the terror that had kidnapped me. 

Poetically speaking, I was a prisoner for 29 years.

At the age of 30, I came across an EFT practitioner, who reckoned he could rid me of my all-consuming anxiety and panic attacks. Doubtful and in despair, I sat in a tapping session for an hour, tapping different parts of my body whilst repeating statements connected to my fear. Inside, I was skeptical. In fact, I was almost laughing uncontrollably. It seemed so ridiculous. How could tapping on different parts of my body get rid of my anxiety? 

Today, I am anxiety free. 

Today, I am panic free.

It has been 15 years since that day and I have never suffered from another panic

attack. My anxiety is a distant memory. Those chains have gone. 

Let me help you or your child unchain yourself from anything that is holding you back.

It's worth a try. 



At the age of 9 years old I witnessed a traumatic event. It was something I should not have seen. It was as if my body recorded this event and held on to it tightly. Fear was trapped inside of me. For the next 25 years of my life I suffered with continous anxiety and a high number of panic attacks. The world didn't feel safe. I went to doctors and therapists. Nothing helped. In fact, it just got worse and worse. It spread into every area of my life. I became afraid of things I wasn't afraid of before. I became unsure of myself and my ability to control the monster in my head. I felt misunderstood and alone. I spent many years in traditional talk-therapy (CBT), figuring out ways to try and make it better. I listend to professionals kindly tell me it was all in my head, it was just thoughts. I should try to control them. Be aware of them. The implication was that I was defective and this was my doing. This made me feel more crazy. All that I was establishing was that I really had an issue, and one that no doctor or therapist could understand. Talk-therapy didn't help me, instead it gave fuel to it's fire. The more I talked about my anxiety, the more I became my anxiety. 

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