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"After many years of freezing at the thought of public speaking, I was so frustrated. It was affecting my business as well. My fear of public speaking was through the roof. I got to point where I really needed to try and overcome this fear quickly and easily, which I thought would be impossible without an intense course of therapy. Claire was suggested to me via a friend of mine, who claimed she could get rid of the fear with only a couple of sessions. Of course, I didn’t buy it at all but was desperate and I was willing to give anything a shot, unbelievably it worked! I can’t recommend her highly enough."

Morris, CEO, Fear of Public Speaking

"My daughter was very fearful of dogs. When she was 3 years old, I was viciously attacked by two large dogs in a park. Unfortunately, my daughter was with me at the time and witnessed this scene. Since then, she was obviously terrified whenever she encountered a dog. She would cross the street when she saw one approaching her, let alone going near one to pet it! I brought her to see Claire, who tapped on her once. Not only is she not afraid of dogs anymore, she now loves them and is begging me to get her one….  Pretty amazing."

Adi, father of an 8 year old girl with a phobia of dogs

"I was recommended to Claire via a colleague. I was a little sceptical at first, my son is on the spectrum and as a result of that, he is very anxious about many things. After our initial conversation, Claire seemed confident that she could help in specific areas. We attended the first session where we decided to focus on the tremendous anxiety he has around fire alarms. This affected him everyday at school, as no matter what he was told, he sat in dread all day, wondering when the next alarm would go off. I must say, the results surpassed even my expectations, instantly the ‘feeling’ of panic that my sons feels on hearing the alarms disappeared. It has definitely encouraged me to believe in the usefulness of this type of therapy for children."

Nick, father of 10 year old boy with anxiety

"My son had a terrible phobia of the sound of hand dryers in public restrooms. It may not sound serious, but our lives were a nightmare. We couldn’t go to restaurants, shopping centres, activity centres because if he needed the toilet we would have to go home. He wouldn’t use the toilet at school either. He was simply terrified. He dealt with this by never drinking water at school. It was horrible to watch and I felt powerless as a mother. He had one session with Claire and his fear was gone. I actually cried from the relief. Our lives are normal now. Thank you, Claire"

Meera, mother of 4 year old boy

Meera, mother of 4 year old boy with a phobia

"My 10 -year-old daughter was waking up night after night from re-occurring nightmares. One day she was fine and then it became a regular happening in our house. She couldn't remember them the next day and we didn't know how to help her. I'm so grateful to have found Claire Freeman. After just one session, done on the phone, they stopped! I was so impressed with her as healer and as a person. My daughter, who is quite shy, was comfortable working with her instantly. I found her to be genuinely caring, kind and professional. I would highly recommend her."

Emily, mother of a 10-year-old girl, Nightmares

Emily, mother of a 10-year-old girl, Nightmares

"Claire, thanks so very much, you truly work wonders. You have helped my son breathe and eat again. From the bottom of our hearts. Thank you.."

Emma, mother of a 17-year-old boy, Anxiety Sufferer

"Being someone who has a lot on and juggling every minute of everyday - a mum of two teenagers, a puppy, a start up business - life is mostly tough but I’ve always been positive. Despite this, anxiety hits me - sometimes hard and sometimes just a dull flutter in my chest - I hated it, felt like I couldn’t cope with everyday stuff. I went to Claire over 5 weeks ago for a Tapping Session just because I heard it could help. Since that time how I think and do things has completely changed - no anxiety, no panic and all the situations I am dealt are still the same - never been more grateful - it’s a wonderful sense of feeling to know there’s no need to panic - no more uneasy flutters in my stomach just faith in all I do."

Kate, Long term Anxiety Sufferer

"For many years I would just over react to everything. If my friends cancelled on me I would take it personally. I had major blocks from my childhood that I just couldn't get past at it all. I would obsess about things in my head. It was impossible for me to just let it go. I had talked about them for years and years but nothing helped. I saw Claire for one session and was able to move past these emotional blocks. I barely lose it now. It takes a lot. My friends and family have noticed a big difference in the way I function in life. Thank you Claire. You have helped me so so much"

Jason, Anxiety Sufferer

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