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The Hard Facts

I know it's hard to believe, you may ask yourself how something so simple can really be that effective? If you're new to Tap Healing, this is understandable or maybe you have done tapping before but are still curious to know how it works.

A study was carried out at The Ben Gurion University, Medical School for International Health, Beersheva, Israel. The results of this study appear in the May 2016 edition of "The Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease". The study that was publslihed is titled "Emotional Freedom Techniques for Anxiety: A Systematic Review With Meta-analysis" 

It documents evidence of what EFT can achieve. The analysis applied the most stringent study selection using the American Psychological Association's (APA) Division 12 (Clinical Psychology) Task Force on Empirically Validated Treatments.

This meta-analysis analyzed the results of 14 randomized controlled trials that included an assessment for anxiety and involved a total of 658 participants. It found a “large” treatment effect and a significant decrease in anxiety.

Critical analysis of the findings of these studies is both clinically important and timely, as the practice of EFT continues to gain momentum in the psychotherapy community.

And because of its efficacy and ease of use, EFT may possess significant practical advantages to public health outcomes compared with resource-intensive approaches, including Cognitive Behavior Therapy.

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"Tapping often works when nothing else will"

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