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Fornite, I'm begging you please...

I miss my son. I miss his smiling face. I miss the joy he spreads around this place. His cheeky grin, his quick wit. It’s all gone now. AlI I see are angry fits.

In he walks after a long day at school, I know I have but a moment before he starts to drool. How are you? How was your day? It was fine mum, can I just play?

Xbox one, PS4, PC and MAC So many devices it’s hard to keep track Quick. Quick. Upload the game. He needs it now, Dopamine to feed his brain. So long son. Again the console won.

I want to stop him now. I want to throw it out the door. I want to smash it on the floor. I can’t go anymore.

Please get off, I say. You haven’t talked to me all day. He doesn’t hear me speak. He doesn’t hear me shout. I am his mother, yet I am blocked out.

To the creators of Fortnite - you have robbed me of my son. Does it not bother you at all? What have you done? An entire generation hooked on games Leaving little else in their heads, They barely know their own names.

And as you grow richer and richer, Our children grow stupider and stupider. They may make up 20% of the population today, But they are our future And it’s really not so far away.

I want my son back. I want to see his smiling face. I need him to live a life that he can fully embrace.

You win, Fortnite. Like a kidnapper who wants a ransom fee, Skins and V-bucks aren’t for free. Everyday my son asks me for more and more, Pleading and begging til his voice is sore. Ok, but this is the last time, never again. No more. Of course, of course, he says. I love you mum. I promise, no more.

Now he can re-spawn. If he could, he would play until dawn. Dopamine floods his brain once more. He is hooked. He has life. He is back in the game. I just sit and watch in pain.

Tears of frustration, I bow my head in shame Is it me? Am I the one to blame? The addict, hidden in my son. The exorcist that needs to come undone. Leave him be. Leave him free.

I’m sure every mother out there will definitely agree.

Fortnite creators, I’m begging you please Enough with your devilish greed!

Written by Claire Freeman

This poem is featured in Chazak's Yalla Monthly Magazine, February 2019 edition.

To request a free copy, please email :

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