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Free yourself from anxiety and become......



I have always been a wondering sprit, happy and cheerful to others. Yet underneath lived a simmering anxiety, one that took up residency in my head. I spent a large part of my life looking for answers. How do we work? How do you fix something inside you, whatever it may be, in order to become the best version of yourself?

How could I free myself of the chattering 'script' that played out, over and over again, in my head? I wanted to be free of my own thoughts and fears. I wanted to fully embrace my life. I travelled much of the world. I spent time with Guru's and invested years of my life learning sacred texts. It was a life filled with adventure and experiences. I loved it all. 

Yet, the anxiety lived on, silently yet thunderously in my head. Storm after storm, therapist after therapist, prayer after prayer, nothing abated the grip it had on me. I read thousands of self-help books, grappled with myself internally, grew and changed. 

The anxiety stubbornly stayed. 

One day, I discovered EFT, more commonly known as Tapping. This was the beginning of my road to freedom. Freedom is not being bound by chains. I now live, unchained.

I am a certified EFT Master Practitioner, Matrix Re-imprinting Practitioner and Holistic Parenting Coach. I am  passionate about the emotional health of children and adults and apply much of my knowledge to my professional life. I currently work with children and adults with anxiety, debilitating fears and limiting beliefs. The above mentioned groundbreaking and non-invasive therapies, eliminate any negative belief patterns that can hinder lives. 


You are not useless

You are not worthless

You are not weak

You are not a failure​

Your anxiety is lying to you


If you constantly suffer from feelings of anxiety, you are not alone. Anxiety has become a serious issue for millions of people globally and is now a growing concern for many children too. According to the World Heath Organisation, anxiety can lead to depression and other mental health disorders.

Not knowing you are alone may make you feel a little better but how will you feel if I told you there is a way to fix it. I’m not talking about alleviating your anxiety. I’m talking about eliminating it.

Anxiety is the result of an overactive fight-or-flight mechanism in the brain. It is the body's natural response to stress. It is a survival mechanism that is necessary and fundamental to human life. It should come and go, depending on life circumstances. For example, when you are stressed or have experienced a trauma. Sometimes anxiety remains and we begin to feel anxious in different areas of our lives. It can penetrate almost every aspect of your life. When anxiety becomes your way of life, you become more and more doubtful of your power. The anxious thoughts keep coming, similar to that of snowflakes falling. As one drops into your mind, another one immediately follows it. It is too much to bear. You feel chained to those thoughts.


Pretty soon, you forget who you once were. You breathe, sleep and eat anxiety. You become your anxiety. Essentially, you no longer believe in your own ability to control the monster inside you. You no longer believe in your power.

I promise you, you still have that power. It's buried under the anxious feeling. You are still whole inside, even if you feel like you are crumbling. 

Healing doesn't have to be that hard.

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